Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy 20 1/2 Months!

I can't believe you have been with us for close to two years already! Right now (while you are sleeping), it seems like yesterday, while at other times it feels more like a decade. :) I saw on another mom's blog where she posted what her child was able to do milestone-wise for the month and thought it was a fun way to document things as your baby book doesn't have room for it.

At 20 and a half months (because I didn't post this in July), you:
*Let us know when Chloe's bowl is empty and feed her yourself (with our help opening the bag). Then you yell, "Coe-ee! Food!"
*Can now say the letter X in words like mix and fox.
*Play talk on the phone, complete with laughter and pausing as if you're actually talking to someone.
*Love story time at the library. But I think ti's mostly because you get: a snack, to use a glue stick, and two stamps. :)
*Enjoy hopping on your bouncy cow and dismount by putting the front of it down and stepping over his head.
*Feed your giraffe and monkey by dipping their heads in a bowl of cheerios and making eating noises with your own mouth.

At 20 months, you:
*Do "nice touch" to your sister and now call her Chickpea (chee-pea).
*Talk non-stop! You wake up with a running commentary to all of your animals. On the monitor Daddy and I hear, "Hi, Crab (cab)! Hi, Turtle! Hi, Sea Horse (sss-horse)! Hi, Monkey (mun-kee)! Hi, Hippo (hee-poe)!" complete with waving. It's absolutely adorable!
*Can pronounce three syllable words like detector with no problem, but clock, fox, and drink definitely sound like swear words.
*Were shown jeeps by your Grandpa and, somehow, you can identify Wranglers and Cherokees where ever we go.
*Love our new Odyssey and call it "Black Van" (back van) with much enthusiasm.
*Picked your first eggplant from our garden.


  1. So glad you decided to share your blog. It is always nice to have a peek at what other moms and their children are up to. I love the choice of hat in the 2nd photo!

  2. Thanks, Siné! I love reading up on your little ones as well. :)