Monday, January 7, 2013

Bean-isms About Trains


There are a ton of things you say about trains that crack me up. I need to start writing them down, but this one from tonight will stay forever in my heart.

You says things exceptionally well for your age so when you create words that aren't real, I don't correct them. :) With your Thomas the Train obsession, Gordon is a favorite - only you call him "Goed". Thomas, Percy, Edward, Emily, Toby, Cranky, and the rest you can pronounce as clear as day, but Gordon's moniker sounds like you just turned into a Brit.

Tonight we had the following conversation while playing with your new train table.

Liam: See Gordon, Mommy? (pointing to the train)
Me: (disappointed) Oh, I liked when you call him Goed. It reminds me of how you are still little. Can you call him that? It makes me happy.
Liam: (annoyed that I haven't given him the train yet, holding out his hand) Gordon, please!

Over an hour later:
Liam: That's Goed, Mama. (pointing to train who's watching him eat while I'm eating dinner next to him)
Me: (smiling) Yes, that's Gordon.
Liam: (leans his head on me) Make happy?
Me: (heart melts)

What a sweet boy! You've recently been talking about emotions: being happy, excited, sad, and scared. But to remember what I said and to know (or connect) that I said it would make me happy is awesome. The way you learn language is incredible but the way you continue to take root in my heart surprises me day after day. <3



You are beginning to have "real" conversations and they are hysterical and cute all at the same time. My teacher self knows that you understand more than you let on, but sometimes what comes out of your mouth still surprises me! Here are a few of your first interactions:

Nov. 11th weekend (not quite two):
1. We were away with your grandparents and you wanted to hold Grace on the couch. You sat up real tall and after we set her up in your arms, you looked at me, Daddy, MomMom, and Papé and announced quite frankly, "Take a picture!" We pulled out the cameras quick and snapped this one. <3
2. You were looking for a puzzle that you had completed earlier. "Where puzzle go?" you asked. "It's in the other room, by your toy box," I replied. A few minutes you came running back in with it screaming, "I found the puzzle! I found it!" This was cool to Daddy and me because it was the first time you initiated a complete sentence with correct articles and pronouns and everything!