Friday, March 7, 2014

A Future Lawyer?


You like to set the microwave timer with us and will go upstairs without incident when the buzzer beeps. A few nights ago, it was nearing bedtime. Daddy called from the living room, "Mommy, has the buzzer gone off yet?" I answered that no, it hadn't but that the time was approaching soon. I glanced over at the microwave while saying this and saw it was not set at all. 

Hmm.. what to do? You were listening, so I couldn't set it since it chirps with every touch. Instead, I finished the few dishes I had left, walked over to the microwave and hit cancel three times. I cringed a little in doing this since the sounds weren't quite what the buzzer would sound like. "He won't notice," I thought.

Without hesitation, you jumped off the couch and I heard quick feet entering the kitchen. I wheeled around and there you were, hands on hips, demanding to know, "Mommy, why are you pushing the buttons?? That wasn't the buzzer!" 

I ran into the dining room to conceal my open mouth and my laughter. Seriously, what three year old can accurately call out his mother on such a detail? You, that's who. I quickly composed myself and returned stating simply, "Alright, it's bedtime! Who's going to beat me upstairs?" Daddy shot me a smile and off we went. 

If this is any indication of the debating skills you are going to develop, boy are we in for it. :)

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